Courses offered in Spring-2022 Lecturers Recitation instructors
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6.100A/B/L[6.0001+2] Intro to CS / Programming in Python / Data Science
Ana Bell
Frederic P. Durand
John V. Guttag
6.1010[6.009] Fundamentals of Programming
Adam Hartz
Saman P. Amarasinghe
Michael J. Carbin
Charles E. Leiserson
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley
6.1020[6.031] Software Construction
Max Goldman
Robert C. Miller
6.1100[6.035] Computer Language Eng
Martin C. Rinard
6.1200J[6.042] Math for Computer Science
Zachary R. Abel
Erik D. Demaine
David R. Karger
6.1210[6.006] Intro to Algorithms
Mauricio Karchmer
Samuel Hopkins
Nir N. Shavit
6.1220J[6.046] Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Srinivas Devadas
Vinod Vaikuntanathan
Virginia Vassilevska Williams
6.1400J[6.045] Automata Comput & Complexity
Dor Minzer
6.1800[6.033] Computer System Engineering
Katrina L. LaCurts
Mohammad Alizadeh
Adam Belay
Michael Cafarella
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs
John Feser
Larry Rudolph
Howard Shrobe
Karen Sollins
6.1820[6.808] Mobile and Sensor Computing
Fadel Adib
Hari Balakrishnan
6.1910[6.004] Computation Structures
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Song Han
Daniel Sanchez
6.2000[6.002] Circuits & Electronics
Jeffrey H. Lang
Tomas A. Palacios
YuFeng Kevin Chen
Qing Hu
6.2020J[6.070] Electonics Proj Lab
James W. Bales
6.2030 Electronics First (was 6.S194)
Steven B. Leeb
6.2060/1[6.115/1151] Microcomputer Proj Lab
Steven B. Leeb
6.2300[6.013] Electromagnetics & Applications
Luca Daniel
Kevin O'Brien
6.2500[6.012] Electronic Devices & Circuits
Akintunde I. Akinwande
Rajeev J. Ram
6.260 Topics in Communication and Networks
Muriel Medard
6.2600J[6.152] Micro/Nano Processing Technology
Jesus A. del Alamo
Alon Vardy
6.3000[6.003] Signals & Systems
Dennis M. Freeman
Marc A. Baldo
Sixian You
6.3010[6.011] Intro: Comm Control Signal Proc
Peter L. Hagelstein
Jing Kong
6.3260J[6.207] Networks
Alexander G. Wolitzky
6.3700/2[6.041/431] Probabilistic Systems Analysis
Guy Bresler
6.3720/2[6.401/481] Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis
Devavrat Shah
6.3900[6.036] Introduction to Machine Learning
Leslie P. Kaelbling
Jehangir Amjad
Iddo Drori
Stefanie Jegelka
Yoon Kim
Wojciech Matusik
Jacob K. White
Ashia Wilson
6.4200J[6.141] Robotics: Science and Systems I
Luca Carlone
Dylan Hadfield-Menell
6.4550J[6.185] Interactive Music Systems (formerly 6.809J)
Ryaan Ahmed
6.4570J[6.073] Creating Video Games
Philip Tan
6.4710J[6.049] Evolutionary Bio: Concepts Models & Comp
Robert C. Berwick
6.4810/2J[6.021/521] Quant Physio:Cells & Tiss
Thomas Heldt
6.4820/2J[6.022/522] Organ Transport Systems
Thomas Heldt
6.4830J[6.023] Fields Forces Flows in Bio Systems
Jongyoon Han
Scott R. Manalis
6.4840/2J[6.024/524] Molec Cellular Tisue Biomech
Mark Bathe
Katharina Ribbeck
Peter T. C. So
6.4850/2J[6.027/557] Biomolecular Feedback Systems
Domitilla Del Vecchio
6.4860/1J[6.025/525] Medical Device Design
Ellen Roche
Giovanni Traverso
Anthony Pennes
6.4880J[6.129] Biological Circuit Engineering Laboratory
Ron Weiss
Jacquin Niles
6.4900[6.03] Intro to EECS II from a Medical Technology Perspective
Collin M. Stultz
Elfar Adalsteinsson
6.5060[6.827] Algorithm Engineering
Julian Shun
6.5120[6.822] Formal Reasoning About Programs
Adam Chlipala
6.5150/1[6.945/905] Large-scale Symbolic Systems
Gerald J. Sussman
6.5320[6.850] Geometric Computing
Piotr Indyk
6.5410J[6.841] Advanced Complexity Theory
Ryan Williams
6.5420[6.842] Randomness and Computation
Ronitt Rubinfeld
6.5430[6.845] Quantum Complexity Theory
Anand Natarajan
6.5610[6.857] Network & Computer Security
Ronald L. Rivest
Yael Tauman Kalai
6.5660[6.858] Computer Systems Security
Nickolai B. Zeldovich
6.5840[6.824] Distributed Computer Systs Engg
Robert T. Morris
6.5930/1[6.825/812] Hardware Architecture for Deep Learning
Joel S. Emer
6.6000[6.775] Design of Analog MOS LSI
Hae-Seung Lee
6.6220[6.334] Power Electronics
David J. Perreault
6.6290J[6.695] Engineering Eco and Regulation of Elec Power
Jose Ignacio Perez-Arriaga
6.6340J[6.634] Nonlinear Optics
James G. Fujimoto
6.6420J[6.443] Quantum Information Science
Isaac L. Chuang
6.6510[6.730] Physics: Solid-State Applicatns
Luqiao Liu
Tess Smidt
6.7100J[6.241] Dynamic Systems
Alexandre Megretski
6.7220J[6.252] Nonlinear Programming
Suvrit Sra
Mardavij Roozbehani
6.7260[6.268] Network Science and Models
Patrick Jaillet
6.7310J[6.337] Intro Numerical Methods
Andrew J. Horning
6.7320J[6.338] Parallel Computing
Alan Edelman
6.7430[6.442] Optical Networks
Vincent W. S. Chan
6.7720J[6.265] Advanced Stochastic Processes
Yury Polyanskiy
Elchanan Mossel
6.7800[6.437] Inference and Information
Lizhong Zheng
Polina Golland
6.7830[6.435] Bayesian Modeling and Inference
Tamara Broderick
6.7930J[6.871] Machine Learning for Healthcare
David A. Sontag
6.7940[6.231] Dynamic Programming
John N. Tsitsiklis
Cathy Wu
6.8110J[6.834] Cognitive Robotics
Brian C. Williams
6.8200[6.484] Sensorimotor Learning
Pulkit Agrawal
6.8210[6.832] Underactuated Robotics
Russell L. Tedrake
6.8300/1[6.869/819] Advances in Computer Vision
William T. Freeman
Phillip J. Isola
6.8510[6.835] Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces
Randall Davis
6.8620J[6.345] Auto Speech Recognition
James R. Glass
6.8800/1J[6.555/026] Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
Julie E. Greenberg
6.882 Ethical Machine Learning in Human Deployments
Marzyeh Ghassemi
6.883 Computational Molecular Neuroscience
Myriam Heiman
Manolis Kellis
6.884 Doing Things with Words
Jacob Andreas
6.885 Critical Perspectives on Security and Privacy Architectures
Gerald J. Sussman
Daniel J. Weitzner
6.9010[6.08] Interconnected Embedded Systems
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
Stefanie Mueller
Anthony Pennes
6.9030[6.163] Strobe Project Lab
James W. Bales
6.9101J[6.9021] Introduction to Design Thinking and Innovation in Engineering
Blade Kotelly
6.910AJ[6.902A] Design Thinking and Innovation Leadership for Engineers
Blade Kotelly
6.910BJ[6.902B] Design Thinking and Innovation Project
Blade Kotelly
6.9110J[6.911] Engineering Leadership Lab
Leo R. McGonagle
John Feiler
6.9120J[6.912] Engineering Leadership
James N. Magarian
6.9130J[6.913] Engineering Leadership Lab
John Feiler
Leo R. McGonagle
6.9260 Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation for Technical Experts
Samuel Dinnar
6.9280J[6.928] Leading Creative Teams
Jin Wu
6.9320J[6.904] Ethics for Engineers
Bernhardt Trout
6.9350J[6.935] Financial Market Dynamics and Human Behavior
Andrew W. Lo
6.C01/C51 Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications
Regina A. Barzilay
Tommi S. Jaakkola
6.S063 Design for the Web: Languages and User Interfaces
David R. Karger
Lea Verou
6.S076 Computational Molecular Neuroscience
Myriam Heiman
Manolis Kellis
6.S079 Software Systems for Data Science
Samuel R. Madden
Tim Kraska
6.S967 Online Decision Making: Optimization, Control and Games
Konstantinos Daskalakis
Aleksander Madry
Pablo Parrilo
6.S975 Global Business of Quantum Computing
William D. Oliver
6.S977 Machine Learning Based Theraputic Design
David K. Gifford
6.S978 Data Science: The Breadth of Challenges
Alfred Z. Spector
6.S983 Secure Hardware Design (was 6.888)
Mengjia Yan
6.UAR Preparation for UG Research
Dina Katabi
Martin C. Rinard
6.UAT Oral Communication
Tony L. Eng
Harold Abelson
Homa Esfahanizadeh
An Jimenez
Lalana Kagal
Matthew Turner