Courses offered in Spring-2015 Lecturers Recitation instructors
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6.002x Circuits and Electronics (MITx)
Bonnie K. Lam
6.004x Computation Structures (MITx)
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Christopher J. Terman
6.005 Elements of Software Construction
Max Goldman
Robert C. Miller
6.007 Electromagnetic Energy: From Motors to Lasers
6.071J Intro to Electronics
Anne E. White
6.100A/B/L[6.0001+2] Intro to CS / Programming in Python / Data Science
John V. Guttag
Ana Bell
6.1200J[6.042] Math for Computer Science
Adam Chlipala
Albert R. Meyer
6.1210[6.006] Intro to Algorithms
Chinmay Hegde
Piotr Indyk
Yuan Zhou
6.1220J[6.046] Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Erik D. Demaine
Srinivas Devadas
Nancy A. Lynch
Ling Ren
6.1400J[6.045] Automata Comput & Complexity
6.169 Theory and Application of Circuits and Electronics
Jeffrey H. Lang
6.1800[6.033] Computer System Engineering
Hari Balakrishnan
Katrina L. LaCurts
Samuel R. Madden
Mark S. Day
Dina Katabi
Martin C. Rinard
Karen Sollins
Peter Szolovits
6.1910[6.004] Computation Structures
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Christopher J. Terman
6.2000[6.002] Circuits & Electronics
Jeffrey H. Lang
Dimitri A. Antoniadis
Chathan M. Cooke
6.2020J[6.070] Electonics Proj Lab
James W. Bales
6.2040[6.101] Analog Electronics Lab
Gim P. Hom
6.2060/1[6.115/1151] Microcomputer Proj Lab
Steven B. Leeb
6.2200[6.061] Electric Energy Systems
James L. Kirtley
6.2300[6.013] Electromagnetics & Applications
Luca Daniel
Jing Kong
6.2490J[6.050] Information and Entropy
Paul L. Penfield Jr.
6.2500[6.012] Electronic Devices & Circuits
Akintunde I. Akinwande
Tomas A. Palacios
6.2690/2J[6.717/777] Design & Fab of MEMS
6.3000[6.003] Signals & Systems
Qing Hu
Mardavij Roozbehani
6.3010[6.011] Intro: Comm Control Signal Proc
George C. Verghese
Peter L. Hagelstein
Thomas Heldt
6.3100/2[6.302/320] Feedback System Design
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
Jacob K. White
6.3260J[6.207] Networks
6.3700/2[6.041/431] Probabilistic Systems Analysis
John N. Tsitsiklis
Jeffrey H. Shapiro
Lizhong Zheng
6.3900[6.036] Introduction to Machine Learning
Regina A. Barzilay
Tommi S. Jaakkola
Suvrit Sra
Jacob K. White
6.4140/2[6.803/833] Human Intelligence Enterprise
Patrick H. Winston
6.4200J[6.141] Robotics: Science and Systems I
Nicholas Roy
6.4710J[6.049] Evolutionary Bio: Concepts Models & Comp
Robert C. Berwick
6.4820/2J[6.022/522] Organ Transport Systems
Roger G. Mark
Thomas Heldt
6.4830J[6.023] Fields Forces Flows in Bio Systems
Jongyoon Han
6.4840/2J[6.024/524] Molec Cellular Tisue Biomech
Alan J. Grodzinsky
6.4880J[6.129] Biological Circuit Engineering Laboratory
Timothy K. Lu
Ron Weiss
6.4890[6.182] Psychoacoustics Proj Lab
Louis D. Braida
6.5150/1[6.945/905] Large-scale Symbolic Systems
Gerald J. Sussman
6.5220J[6.856] Randomized Algorithms
David R. Karger
6.5340[6.853] Topics in Algorithmic Game Theory
6.5410J[6.841] Advanced Complexity Theory
Henry Yuen
6.541J Speech Communication
Satrajit Ghosh
6.5610[6.857] Network & Computer Security
Ronald L. Rivest
6.5620J[6.875] Cryptography & Cryptanalysis
6.5840[6.824] Distributed Computer Systs Engg
Robert T. Morris
6.5900[6.823] Computer System Architecture
Joel S. Emer
Daniel Sanchez
6.6000[6.775] Design of Analog MOS LSI
Hae-Seung Lee
6.6020[6.776] High Speed Comm Circuits
Ruonan Han
6.6220[6.334] Power Electronics
6.6290J[6.695] Engineering Eco and Regulation of Elec Power
Jose Ignacio Perez-Arriaga
6.6320[6.632] Electromagnetic Wave Theory
Michael Robert Watts
6.6340J[6.634] Nonlinear Optics
James G. Fujimoto
6.6510[6.730] Physics: Solid-State Applicatns
Rajeev J. Ram
6.6600J[6.781] Nanostructure Fabrication
Karl K. Berggren
6.7010[6.344] Two-Dim Sig & Image Proc
Jae S. Lim
6.7100J[6.241] Dynamic Systems
Emilio Frazzoli
6.7220J[6.252] Nonlinear Programming
Pablo Parrilo
6.7260[6.268] Network Science and Models
Patrick Jaillet
6.7310J[6.337] Intro Numerical Methods
Steven G. Johnson
6.7340J[6.335] Fast Methods for Partial Differential and Integral Equations
6.7470[6.441] Information Theory
Muriel Medard
6.7480[6.260] Adv Topics in Communications
Tamara Broderick
6.7710[6.262] Discrete Stochastic Processes
Vincent W. S. Chan
6.7800[6.437] Inference and Information
Stefanie Jegelka
Gregory W. Wornell
6.8110J[6.834] Cognitive Robotics
Brian C. Williams
6.813/831 User Interface Design and Implementation
Ju Ho Kim
Robert C. Miller
Eirik Bakke
6.832x Underactuated Robotics (MITx)
Russell L. Tedrake
6.8370/1[6.865/815] Advanced Computational Photography
Frederic P. Durand
6.8510[6.835] Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces
Randall Davis
6.868J The Society of Mind
6.8710/1J[6.874/802] Comp Functional Genomics
David K. Gifford
6.8800/1J[6.555/026] Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
Julie E. Greenberg
6.902J Engineering Innovation and Design
Joel E. Schindall
6.9030[6.163] Strobe Project Lab
James W. Bales
6.907/933 Entrepreneurship in Engineering
Christina Chase
6.9080[6.01] Introduction to EECS 1
Dennis M. Freeman
Adam Hartz
Dirk Englund
Berthold K. P. Horn
Tomas Lozano-Perez
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
Vivienne Sze
Antonio Torralba
6.9310[6.903] Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
Steven M. Bauer
6.S02 Introduction to EECS using Medical Technology
6.S03 Introduction to EECS II from a Medical Technology Perspective
Elfar Adalsteinsson
Collin M. Stultz
Joel Voldman
6.UAR Preparation for UG Research
Anantha P. Chandrakasan
6.UAT Oral Communication
Anuradha Murthy Agarwal
Tony L. Eng
Aude Oliva
Joel E. Schindall
Luis Velasquez-Heller
Cardinal Warde