Courses offered in Fall-2022 Lecturers Recitation instructors
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6.100A/B/L[6.0001+2] Intro to CS / Programming in Python / Data Science
Ana Bell
John V. Guttag
6.1010[6.009] Fundamentals of Programming
Adam Hartz
Dylan Hadfield-Menell
Robert C. Miller
Peter Szolovits
6.1040[6.170] Software Studio
Daniel N. Jackson
Arvind Satyanarayan
6.1060[6.172] Software Performance Engineering
Charles E. Leiserson
Saman P. Amarasinghe
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley
6.1120[6.818] Dynamic Computer Language Engineering
Michael J. Carbin
6.1200J[6.042] Math for Computer Science
F. Thomson Leighton
Zachary R. Abel
6.1210[6.006] Intro to Algorithms
Mauricio Karchmer
6.1220J[6.046] Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Piotr Indyk
Bruce Tidor
6.1420/S974[6.054] Fixed Parameter and Fine-grained Complexity
Virginia Vassilevska Williams
Ryan Williams
6.1600[6.053] Foundations of Computer Security (was 6.S060)
Nickolai B. Zeldovich
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs
Yael Tauman Kalai
6.1810[6.039] Operating Systems Engineering (was 6.S081)
M. Frans Kaashoek
Robert T. Morris
6.1850[6.052] Computer Systems & Society (was 6.S057)
Katrina L. LaCurts
6.1900[6.0004] Introduction to Low-Level Programming in C and Assembly
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
Srinivas Devadas
Silvina Hanono Wachman
6.1910[6.004] Computation Structures
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Srinivas Devadas
Daniel Sanchez
6.2000[6.002] Circuits & Electronics
Luqiao Liu
David J. Perreault
6.2020J[6.070] Electonics Proj Lab
James W. Bales
6.2050[6.111] Digital Systems Lab
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
6.2090/2[6.301/321] Solid-State Circuits
Negar Reiskarimian
6.2210/6210[6.014/640] Electromagnetic Fields, Forces and Motion
Jeffrey H. Lang
YuFeng Kevin Chen
6.2220/1/2[6.131/330] Power Electronics Laboratory
Steven B. Leeb
6.2370/6370[6.161/637] Modern Optics Proj Lab
6.2400[6.051] Introduction to Quantum Systems Engineering
Kevin O'Brien
Karl K. Berggren
Anand Natarajan
6.2540[6.015] Nanotechnology: From Atoms to Systems (was 6.S059)
Farnaz Niroui
Rajeev J. Ram
6.3000[6.003] Signals & Systems
Dennis M. Freeman
Jing Kong
6.3100/2[6.302/320] Feedback System Design
Jacob K. White
6.3700/2[6.041/431] Probabilistic Systems Analysis
Lizhong Zheng
6.3800[6.008] Introduction to Inference
Polina Golland
6.3900[6.036] Introduction to Machine Learning
Duane S. Boning
Tamara Broderick
Vincent Monardo
Yury Polyanskiy
Shen Shen
Tess Smidt
6.3950[6.404] AI, Decision-making, and Society (was 6.S080)
Aleksander Madry
Ashia Wilson
6.4100/2[6.034/844] Artificial Intelligence
Kimberle Koile
Robert C. Berwick
Randall Davis
6.4110[6.038] Representation and Inference in Artificial Intelligence (was 6.S058)
Tomas Lozano-Perez
Leslie P. Kaelbling
6.4120J[6.804] Computational Cognitive Science
Joshua B. Tenenbaum
6.4130/2J[6.817/877] Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making
Brian C. Williams
6.4210/2[6.800/843] Robotic Manipulation
Russell L. Tedrake
6.4400[6.837] Computer Graphics
Justin Solomon
Mina Konakovic Lukovic
6.4550J[6.185] Interactive Music Systems (formerly 6.809J)
Ryaan Ahmed
6.4570J[6.073] Creating Video Games
Philip Tan
6.4590J[6.805] Foundations of Information Policy
Harold Abelson
Daniel J. Weitzner
6.4832J[6.561] Fields Forces and Flows
6.5210J[6.854] Advanced Algorithms
David R. Karger
6.5240[6.855] Sublinear Time Algorithms
Ronitt Rubinfeld
6.5250J[6.852] Distributed Algorithms
Mohsen Ghaffari
Nancy A. Lynch
6.5400J[6.840] Theory of Computation
Michael F. Sipser
6.5620J[6.875] Cryptography & Cryptanalysis
Vinod Vaikuntanathan
6.5810[6.828] Operating System Engineering
Adam Belay
6.5820[6.829] Computer Networks
Mohammad Alizadeh
Manya Ghobadi
6.5830/1[6.830/814] Database Systems
Samuel R. Madden
6.5900[6.823] Computer System Architecture
Joel S. Emer
Mengjia Yan
6.6010[6.374] Analysis & Design of Digital ICs
Vivienne Sze
6.6300[6.630] Electromagnetic Waves
Qing Hu
6.6400[6.728] Appl Quantum & Statistical Phys
Peter L. Hagelstein
6.6410 Quantum Computation
Peter W. Shor
6.6500J[6.720] Integrated Microelectr Devices
6.6630J[6.780] Semiconductor Manufacturing
David E. Hardt
6.7000[6.341] Discrete-Time Signal Processing
James Ward
6.7200/1J[6.255/215] Optimization Methods
Dimitris J. Bertsimas
Alexandre Jacquillat
6.7210J[6.251] Intro: Math Programming
Patrick Jaillet
6.7300J[6.336] Intro Numerical Simulation
Luca Daniel
6.7330J[6.339] Numerical Methods for PDEs
Jaime Peraire
6.7410/1[6.450/405] Principles of Digital Communication
Muriel Medard
6.7420[6.267] Heterogeneous Networks: Arch Transp Prot & Mngmt
Vincent W. S. Chan
6.7450J[6.263] Data-Communication Networks
Eytan H. Modiano
6.7700J[6.436] Fundamentals of Probability
John N. Tsitsiklis
6.7810[6.438] Algorithms for Estimation and Inference
Guy Bresler
Devavrat Shah
6.7900[6.867] Machine Learning
Tommi S. Jaakkola
Suvrit Sra
Shen Shen
6.7910J[6.860] Statistical Learning Theory and Applications
Tomaso Poggio
6.7950[6.246] Advanced Topics in Control: Reinforcement Learning
Cathy Wu
6.8370/1[6.865/815] Advanced Computational Photography
Frederic P. Durand
6.8420/4420[6.839/807] Advanced Computer Graphics
6.8610/1[6.864/806] Advanced Natural Language Processing
Yoon Kim
Chris Tanner
6.8700/1J[6.878/047] Adv Comp Bio: Genomes Networks Evol
Manolis Kellis
6.8720/1J[6.589/0] Principles of Synthetic Biology
Ron Weiss
6.8810J[6.556] Data Acquisition & Image Reconstruct in MRI
6.9020J[6.943] How to Make (Almost) Anything
Anthony Pennes
6.9030[6.163] Strobe Project Lab
James W. Bales
6.9101J[6.9021] Introduction to Design Thinking and Innovation in Engineering
Blade Kotelly
6.910A[6.902A] Design Thinking and Innovation Leadership for Engineers
Blade Kotelly
6.910B[6.902B] Design Thinking and Innovation Project
Blade Kotelly
6.9110[6.911] Engineering Leadership Lab
Leo R. McGonagle
6.9120[6.912] Engineering Leadership
James N. Magarian
6.9130[6.913] Engineering Leadership Lab
Leo R. McGonagle
6.9270[6.927] Negotiation and Influence Skills for Technical Leaders
Rachel M. Moore
David Nino
6.9280[6.928] Leading Creative Teams
David Nino
6.9360[6.930] Management-Engineering
Jung-Hoon Chun
6.9970 Academic Job Search (was 6.S897)
Saman P. Amarasinghe
Deanna Montgomery
6.S046/S976 Silicon Photonics
Jelena Notaros
6.S083 Julia - Solving Real World Problems With Computation
Alan Edelman
6.S084/18.C06 Linear Algebra and Optimization
Ankur Moitra
Pablo Parrilo
6.S898 Deep Learning
Phillip J. Isola
6.S965 TinyML and Efficient Deep Learning Computing
Song Han
6.S977 The Sum of Squares Method
Samuel Hopkins
6.S978 Tissue vs. Silicon in Machine Learning
Nir N. Shavit
6.S980 Machine Learning for Inverse Graphics
Vincent Sitzmann
6.S981 Introduction to Program Synthesis
Armando Solar-Lezama
6.S982 Clinical Data Learning, Visualization, and Deployments
Marzyeh Ghassemi
6.UAR Preparation for UG Research
Dina Katabi
Martin C. Rinard
6.UAT Oral Communication
Tony L. Eng
Luis Velasquez-Heller