Courses offered in Spring-2024 Lecturers Recitation instructors
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CS 6.100A/B/L[6.0001+2] Introduction to Computer Science / Programming in Python / Data Science
Ana Bell
Harold Abelson
John V. Guttag
Stefanie Mueller
Andrew Wang
CS 6.1010[6.009] Fundamentals of Programming
Adam Chlipala
Adam Hartz
Saman P. Amarasinghe
Duane S. Boning
Hope Dargan
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley
Andrew Wang
CS 6.1020[6.031] Software Construction
Max Goldman
Robert C. Miller
CS 6.1100[6.035] Computer Language Engineering
Martin C. Rinard
CS-AID 6.1200J[6.042] Mathematics for Computer Science
Zachary R. Abel
Brynmor Chapman
Erik D. Demaine
EE-CS 6.120A[6.042A] Discrete Mathematics and Proofs for Computer Science
Muriel Medard
Zachary R. Abel
Nancy A. Lynch
CS-AID 6.1210[6.006] Introduction to Algorithms
Mauricio Karchmer
Mohsen Ghaffari
Samuel Hopkins
CS-AID 6.1220J[6.046] Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Srinivasan Raghuraman
Kuikui Liu
Virginia Vassilevska Williams
CS 6.1400J[6.045] Automata Comput & Complexity
Dor Minzer
CS 6.1800[6.033] Computer System Engineering
Katrina L. LaCurts
Mohammad Alizadeh
Adam Belay
Mark S. Day
Manya Ghobadi
Tim Kraska
Larry Rudolph
Karen Sollins
CS-EE 6.1903/4[6.0004] Introduction to Low-Level Programming in C and Assembly (was 6.1900)
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Anthony Pennes
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
CS-EE 6.1910[6.004] Computation Structures
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Daniel Sanchez
CS-EE 6.1920[6.175] Constructive Computer Architecture
EE 6.2000[6.002] Circuits & Electronics
Jeffrey H. Lang
Adam Hartz
Farnaz Niroui
EE 6.2020J[6.070] Electonics Proj Lab
James W. Bales
EE 6.2030 Electronics First (was 6.S194)
Steven B. Leeb
EE 6.2040[6.101] Analog Electronics Lab
Michael Coln
EE-CS 6.2060/1[6.115/1151] Microcomputer Proj Lab
Steven B. Leeb
EE 6.2080[6.300] Introduction to Electronic Circuits
Ruonan Han
Karl K. Berggren
EE 6.2300[6.013] Electromagnetics & Applications
Luca Daniel
Kevin O'Brien
EE 6.2410[6.157] Quantum Engineering Platforms
Dirk Englund
EE 6.2500[6.012] Electronic Devices & Circuits
Akintunde I. Akinwande
EE 6.2600J[6.152] Micro/Nano Processing Technology
Jesus A. del Alamo
EE-AID 6.3000[6.003] Signals & Systems
Sixian You
Jing Kong
EE-AID 6.3010[6.011] Intro: Comm Control Signal Proc
Lizhong Zheng
Peter L. Hagelstein
EE-AID 6.3100/2[6.302/320] Feedback System Design
YuFeng Kevin Chen
Dennis M. Freeman
AID 6.3260J[6.207] Networks
AID 6.3700/2[6.041/431] Probabilistic Systems Analysis
Polina Golland
Patrick Jaillet
AID 6.3720/2[6.401/481] Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis
Yury Polyanskiy
AID 6.3730/2J[6.419/439] Statistics, Computation and Applications
Caroline Uhler
AID 6.3900[6.036] Introduction to Machine Learning
Shen Shen
Manolis Kellis
Alexandre Megretski
Vincent Monardo
Chris Tanner
Priya Donti
Robert Yang
AID 6.4150 Artificial Intelligence for Business
Manish Raghavan
AID-CS-EE 6.4200J[6.141] Robotics: Science and Systems I
Luca Carlone
Dylan Hadfield-Menell
CS 6.4550J[6.185] Interactive Music Systems (formerly 6.809J)
Eran Egozy
AID-CS 6.4710J[6.049] Evolutionary Bio: Concepts Models & Comp
Robert C. Berwick
EE 6.4800[6.020] Biomedical Systems - Modeling and Inference
Elfar Adalsteinsson
Jacob K. White
EE 6.4830J[6.023] Fields Forces Flows in Bio Systems
EE 6.4840/2J[6.024/524] Molec Cellular Tisue Biomech
EE 6.4860/1J[6.025/525] Medical Device Design
Anthony Pennes
EE 6.4880J[6.129] Biological Circuit Engineering Laboratory
Justin Buck
Jacquin Niles
Ron Weiss
CS 6.5060[6.827] Algorithm Engineering
Julian Shun
CS 6.5080/1[6.836/816] Multicore Programming
Nir N. Shavit
CS 6.5150/1[6.945/905] Large-scale Symbolic Systems
Gerald J. Sussman
CS 6.5320[6.850] Geometric Computing
Piotr Indyk
CS 6.5410J[6.841] Advanced Complexity Theory
Ryan Williams
CS 6.5610[6.857] Network & Computer Security
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs
Yael Tauman Kalai
CS 6.5660[6.858] Computer Systems Security
Nickolai B. Zeldovich
CS 6.5840[6.824] Distributed Computer Systems Engineering
Robert T. Morris
M. Frans Kaashoek
CS-EE-AID 6.5930/1[6.825/812] Hardware Architecture for Deep Learning
Vivienne Sze
Joel S. Emer
CS 6.5950/1 Secure Hardware Design (was 6.S983)
Mengjia Yan
EE 6.6000[6.775] Design of Analog MOS LSI
Hae-Seung Lee
EE 6.6220[6.334] Power Electronics
David J. Perreault
EE 6.6340J[6.634] Nonlinear Optics
James G. Fujimoto
EE 6.6420J[6.443] Quantum Information Science
Isaac L. Chuang
EE-AID 6.7010[6.344] Two-Dim Sig & Image Proc
Yaron Rachlin
AID 6.7220J[6.252] Nonlinear Programming
Gabriele Farina
6.7310J[6.337] Intro Numerical Methods
John C. Urschel
EE-CS 6.7340J[6.335] Fast Methods for Partial Differential and Integral Equations
Andrew J. Horning
AID-EE 6.7720J[6.265] Advanced Stochastic Processes
Guy Bresler
AID 6.7800[6.437] Inference and Information
Gregory W. Wornell
Jongha Ryu
AID 6.7930J[6.871] Machine Learning for Healthcare
Peter Szolovits
AID 6.8110J[6.834] Cognitive Robotics
Brian C. Williams
AID 6.8200[6.484] Sensorimotor Learning
Pulkit Agrawal
AID-CS-EE 6.8210[6.832] Underactuated Robotics
Russell L. Tedrake
AID 6.8300/1[6.869/819] Advances in Computer Vision
Sara Beery
Mina Konakovic Lukovic
Vincent Sitzmann
AID-CS 6.8420/4420[6.839/807] Advanced Computer Graphics
Wojciech Matusik
AID 6.8510[6.835] Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces
Randall Davis
AID 6.8620J[6.345] Auto Speech Recognition
James R. Glass
EE 6.9000[6.010] Engineering for Impact
Joel Voldman
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
EE 6.9030[6.163] Strobe Project Lab
James W. Bales
6.9101J[6.9021] Introduction to Design Thinking and Innovation in Engineering
Blade Kotelly
6.910AJ[6.902A] Design Thinking and Innovation Leadership for Engineers
Blade Kotelly
6.910BJ[6.902B] Design Thinking and Innovation Project
Blade Kotelly
6.9110J[6.911] Engineering Leadership Lab
Leo R. McGonagle
John Feiler
6.9120J[6.912] Engineering Leadership
James N. Magarian
Elizabeth C. Schanne
6.9130J[6.913] Engineering Leadership Lab
Leo R. McGonagle
John Feiler
6.9260 Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation for Technical Experts
Samuel Dinnar
6.9280J[6.928] Leading Creative Teams
David Nino
AID 6.C01/C51 Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications
Regina A. Barzilay
Justin Solomon
CS 6.C35/C85[6.859] Interactive Data Visualization
Arvind Satyanarayan
Catherine D'Ignazio
CS-AID 6.S041 Algorithmic and Human Decision-Making
Sendhil Mullainathan
Ashesh Rambachan
EE 6.S046/S976 Silicon Photonics
Jelena Notaros
AID 6.S052/S952 Modeling with Machine Learning for Computer Science
Tommi S. Jaakkola
AID 6.S059 Causal Inference
6.S077/S897 Life Science and Semiconductor
Ahmad Bahai
CS-AID 6.S079 Software Systems for Data Science
Samuel R. Madden
6.S630 Leadership: People, Products, Projecrs
Tony Hu
6.S640 Technical Impact: Assessing Research for its Real-World Potential
Tony Hu
6.S650 Engineering Residency
Tony Hu
AID 6.S892 Large Language Models and Beyond
Yoon Kim
6.S895 Quantum Cryptography
Vinod Vaikuntanathan
Anand Natarajan
EE 6.S950 Global Business of Quantum Computing
William D. Oliver
AID 6.S953 Embodied Intelligence
Phillip J. Isola
AID-EE 6.S966 Symmetry and its Applications to Machine Learning
Tess Smidt
AID 6.S977 Ethical Machine Learning In Human Deployments
Marzyeh Ghassemi
CS 6.S984 Datacenter Computing
Christina Delimitrou
AID 6.S988 Mathematical Statistics: A Non-Asymptotic Approach
Martin Wainwright
EE-CS-AID 6.UAR Preparation for UG Research
Dina Katabi