6.902J Engineering Innovation and Design


This subject is a component of the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership program and is also an engineering school-wide elective open to all undergraduate students. Participation is required in online lectures (via Zoom) at the scheduled time (Mondays, 7pm-9pm, Eastern Time) as well as a recitation (times TBD during the first week of class). The course centers on a significant amount of discussion and small-group work during class time, as well as synchronous work among student project team members, so students should take this course in Spring 2021 if they will be able to participate synchronously. Students with concerns about their ability to participate synchronously should reach out to Eileen Milligan (emillign@mit.edu). Class sessions will generally not be recorded. This course’s main project requires a lab kit for use at students’ residential location. Information about how to acquire the lab kit will be provided to students during the first week of class.