6.808 Mobile and Sensor Computing


The class will be fully virtual; in addition, as in typical years, it will have multiple iPhone labs and a team project. The course staff will be preparing and shipping lab kits to registered students, and holding virtual office hours for checkoffs and lab support. The course project will be done in teams (and remote collaboration), and each team will have a budget for ordering equipment that will be shipped to their residence addresses anywhere in the US. Unfortunately, due to shipping logistics, the class will only be viable for US-based students.

Classes will run synchronously on Zoom (3-4.30PM ET Monday and Wednesday) to accommodate US timezones. Lecture attendance is required. Since the class will only be open to US-time-zones, the attendance is expected to be synchronous and will be taken on Zoom. If students have extraneous circumstances and envision difficulty in attendance, they are encouraged to contact course staff prior to registering. Note that while attendance is mandatory, the recordings will be available online.

On campus students will have access to lab space and associated resources for office hours, labs, and final projects in a manner compatible with Institute guidelines (so TBD).

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