6.141J Robotics: Science and Systems I


RSS (6.141/16.405) covers the algorithmic foundations of robotics and self-driving vehicles. We will use a photorealistic self-driving simulator (partially developed in Spring 2020, see https://news.mit.edu/2020/photorealistic-simulator-made-mit-robot-racing-competition-live-online-experience-0609 ) to provide an accurate virtual proxy of the physical race cars. The simulator will also allow testing more realistic conditions (urban driving, collisions, pedestrians), which are difficult to test on a physical platform. The hand-on labs will focus on implementing autonomy features for a simulated self-driving car.

Lectures are recorded via zoom and released on canvas.

Students are recommended to have drawing tablets to facilitate interactions during team-working (RSS labs are done in teams of 4-5 students) and office hours.

For students who are on-campus, we plan to have 2 labs and the final challenge using the physical race cars. This part is TBD since it depends on whether we can reserve space to complete the labs in a socially distanced manner. It would be useful to have pairs of students working on the same race car if that is allowed by MIT.

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