6.08 Interconnected Embedded Systems


Online lectures (Mondays 1pm-2pm EST) over Zoom. Exact details (live vs. pre-recorded) to be worked out, but lectures will be recorded for students in other time zones. Two synchronous 2.5-hour lab sessions, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday each week for five hours total per week, will take place during assigned lab hours and will require live attendance from students in their appropriate section over video-conferencing software (Zoom etc) for partner-based work. Asynchronous Weekly exercises will be released on Monday and due on Sunday night. Students will pick up (on campus) or be mailed 6.08 kits prior to or at the very start of classes. Final projects will take place during the last ~six weeks of the semester and will be done in groups with online synchronous weekly meetings that are mandatory with staff taking place during lab hours. Online office hours at designated times throughout the day. On campus students will have access to lab space and associated resources for office hours, labs, and final projects in a manner compatible with Institute guidelines (so TBD).

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